Spiral’s vision is of a more inclusive society, where young people on the fringes of mainstream education do not end up on the fringes of society.

Spiral’s fun fuelled career interventions work to ensure every young person is excited about their future, motivated to strive for a fulfilling career, and equipped with the essential skills to progress in their journey to a successful and fulfilling life.

Rooted in Lambeth, Spiral works collaboratively with pupil referral units, schools, colleges, universities and youth centres to deliver developmental employability programmes to young people experiencing barriers to employment. Our programmes are tailored to meet the needs of young people at different stages in their employment journeys, and feature:

  • Introductions to inspiring professionals

  • Essential & transferable skills development

  • Interactive work experience challenges

  • Personal development workshops

  • One to one CV and application support

  • Access to further work experience, training, employment and apprenticeship opportunities

Our programmes and events are designed to support young people to make better informed life decisions by showcasing roles and opportunities across high industries including; Creative Arts & Media, IT & Technology, Construction & Engineering, Tourism & Hospitality, Business & Finance, Sports Science, Health & Social Care and Enterprise.

Every young person we work with joins our Spiralumni, where they can access one to one follow up support and connections to our London wide opportunity community - a network of professionals volunteers and employment organisations across all industries.


  • engage programmes - diagnostic & skills focused

  • inspire programmes - decision time, showcasing MULTIPLE industries

  • ignite programme - industry specific for ready to work young people

  • events - youth hackathons, steering groups, summer community events, careers fairs, half term & summer holiday youth projects

  • futures festival

  • Training services - facilitator & outreach training