IRMO is a community-led organisation that provides Latin Americans with tools and information in an empowering process to build secure, independent, and integrated lives in the UK.

Our work goes beyond service provision; we are building a stronger and more resilient community.

Our vision is that Latin Americans living in the UK are empowered to fulfil their potential and are able to fully and equally access services and opportunities. Our projects are developed with this vision at centre stage. We strive to enable Latin American migrants (and Spanish and Portuguese speakers more widely) to access information, education and training; move out of in-work poverty; and become more confident, empowered and self-sufficient.

Through our Family Project - aimed at children aged 5-12 years old - and the Latin American Youth Forum (LAYF) - aimed at young people aged 13-19 years old - we provide creative activities, homework clubs and English classes for recently arrived children and young people. Through this work, we support children and young people to gain access to education and training, boost educational attainment and promote participation in the wider community. Our community projects aim to provide opportunities for people to connect with others to build relationships and social cohesion.


  • Weekly ESOL Classes for lower/upper level

  • Weekly creative/skills workshops

  • Weekly education and employment mentoring sessions

  • Cultural trips