The Advocacy Academy is a youth movement working to unleash the power of young people to create a more fair, just, and equal society.

Today 88% of young people feel like their voices are completely unheard in society and 60% don't understand how decisions are made about local or national issues. Not having a voice in the big conversations that directly affect them - like housing, crime and education - has a dangerous impact on the confidence and aspirations of these young people. We exist to give them that voice.

We envision a society in which young people are passionate and powerful, meaningfully participating in their communities and effectively challenging injustice and inequality to create a better tomorrow. We’ve taken 85 young people through our flagship programme, the Social Justice Leadership Fellowship, and have reached 800 more through workshops delivered in schools and clubs. Our Fellowship is an immersive six-month crash-course in community participation, made up of three residential retreats and bimonthly evening events, delivered by an outstanding team of experts from more than 30 local partner organisations. Across 300 hours of interactive workshops, trips, and one-to-one coaching, we support 16-18 year olds with lived experience of injustice to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take action on social issues personal to them. Together they will lobby in Town Hall and Parliament and run their own grassroots campaigns, learning to channel their anger and alienation to create a stronger and more vibrant community.


  • The Social Justice Leadership Fellowship: a selective youth activism training programme for 16-18 year olds with lived experience of injustice

  • Spark Programmes: introductory three day workshops for 14-18 year olds covering foundational courses in power and privilege, and targeted workshops on issues including intersectional feminism and criminal justice

  • JustEducation: a train the trainer programme for teachers and youth workers who believe their young people can, will, and already do change the world. Through a series of workshops we will help you act as effective allies and advocates for your students, nurturing and amplifying the voices of students who feel most silenced, alienated, and powerless.