Sparking Change - A Leadership Conference for Women and Girls


The Baytree Centre is proud to present Sparking Change, a leadership conference for women and girls.

Come join us for a fantastically inspiring day celebrating women in existing leadership roles, get an insight into how to achieve success yourself (both professionally and personally) and network with like-minded women.

From this day you can expect a panel discussion with five extraordinary women as they discuss their roles as leaders and how they found success; A professional 'speed-dating' session where you can meet some brilliant working women and discuss their roles, their professional journeys and have a chance to network; A number of workshops covering various themes and topics, from celebrating women working in technology to creating artworks inspired by empowerment. This day will not only look at how to achieve professional leadership but leadership within one's community and how to achieve and celebrate personal, as well as professional, success and well-being.

We will be joined on our panel by the following wonderful women;

  • Barbara Burton - Founder of Behind Bras, an initiative that helps women to transition from prison to employment in the fashion, retail and creative industries.

  • Margot Heller - Director of the South London Gallery for nearly two decades.

  • Mariah Idrissi - A British model, public speaker, and online personality involved in humanitarian work. She endorses the Human Care Syria's 'Women's Hygiene and Sanitation' project, participates in the NHS blood-donor project 'Represent' and is an ambassador for Islamic Relief.

  • Leyya Sattar - Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships at the award-winning The Other Box, a platform for increasing diversity in the creative industries. The Other Box celebrates and champions people of colour, and people from other underrepresented backgrounds.

  • Otegha Uwagba - Founder of Women Who, a community for creative working women, and author of the Sunday Times Best Seller, the Little Black Book.

For our speed-dating session you will have the chance to chat and network with women from various professional levels and occupations, including but not limited to; journalists, CEOs, government officials, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and architects.

And lastly, we will have multiple workshops running throughout the afternoon. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to find out more.

Due to the nature of this event and its location, the conference is only open to womxn aged 13+. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

For more information on the event and for special announcements please find us on Instagram (@baytreecentre), Facebook (The Baytree Centre), and on Twitter (#BaytreeCentre). To find out more about the Baytree Centre or to donate please go to our site or contact us on

Proudly sponsored by Red Glow EU.