How our partnership works

Building Young Brixton (BYB) was founded in 2016 by 7 Lambeth-based organisations that had been working together informally and cross referring individuals to respective services for a number of years. These are the ‘Founding Partners’ of the BYB partnership.

To improve the offering and support to young people and extend the reach of the partnership, The Grove Adventure Playground and Juvenis have been added as ‘Associate Partners’, joining from October 2019.

‘Affiliates’ are organisations that we collaborate with informally.

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How our partnership is governed

The development of BYB is informed and supported by 4 mechanisms:

  1. The BYB Steering Group that consists of the Directors/Senior Leaders of each partner organisation.

  2. The BYB Practitioners & Managers Group that consists of partner staff involved in delivering and/or managing the services delivered under BYB.

  3. The BYB Youth Steering Group that consists of young people served by the partners under BYB.

The BYB Partnership Coordinator who is focused on enabling stakeholder collaboration and engagement to achieve the overall objectives of BYB.

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Terms of Reference

The following documents set out the purpose and structure of the 3 groups that inform the partnership:

BYB Steering Group

BYB Practitioners & Managers Group

BYB Youth Steering Group